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Engaged to develop Canadian's entertainment industry toward the rest of the world.


As business developers and filmmakers we embrace financial organizational focus and creativity.

Passion for filming

We love films and we want to provide our experience for growth and development around the world.

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More than 30 years of work between businesses development and films creations.

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We must bring Canada ahead as strongly recognized as one of the top capitals of the creative entertainment.

Why People should like Johnny The Mule TV Series

Here Are Few Reasons

A magnet into the screen

Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment; that's the true scope.

Real stories, and lives'

A love story in Burma, twisted by the bad truth, the villain is striken inside.

Intrigues, turning points

It's a rollercoster of facts of villains and entangled sentiments....and redemption..

Smuggling stories in USA, Italy, Thailand

Clashing love gliding on top of real facts of Italian/American mafia's dreadful business.


The Barely Retired (The Ticket) TRAILER

  COMPLETED. A Pilot Sitcom of 21 min. The Traveler getting out from a streetcar with the assumption of no ticket holding. 2 Constables of public transportation face him off, questioning, but the guy argues with a back and forth of excuses unlikely real, and often endowed with a great imagination.


 directed by Marco Taloni



 Presentation reel JOHHNY THE MULE







Meet Our Team

The main drivers of this venture to bring success and growth

Marco Taloni

Founder and producer

Business developer and writer, executive producer.


Parita Suwanmanee


Thailand expert, business director and financial.


Edo Taloni

Creative and designer

Specialized in digital art concepts, Maya developer, visual rendering.


David Buchanan


Business developer, sales and distributions.



Where we are in the world!

Johnny The Mule LOGLINE

A man who is a top smuggler of heroin and a woman who is symbol of purity, enter in a clash of their souls in the Golden Triangle of Asia; the bad and good entangled in between the smuggling operation in Burma that becomes a painstaking path to redemption, but ultimately made it at man's own way.


Johnny The Mule storyline

A brief conceptual description of the 10 Episode made by Marco (simply).


Sexual Addicts Redemption

 Screenplay completed 150 min. Drama/Tragic romance/, controversial, sweet and sour, of three individuals, one man, one woman, one gay man, who are pretty normal and actually successful, who accomplished the  everybody's dream, great job, amazing family, and well established but ............... but they have a "small-big" problem, they will discover that after have destroyed all! They are affected of sexual addiction!! Ultimately they pursue the redemption path!






  Fantasy/Tragic-Romance/Action packaged, screenplay completed of the Episode #1 45 Min. Compelling stories of Bruno and Kevin who are individuals endowed by great capability of planning and put in action re-unification of people, partners, relationships, groups, by controversial ways that utimately conduct to glorify such amalgamations. Martial arts packaged individuals, and Kevin's invisibility capability, but sometimes 'Silly-Billy' stuff comes around.






  Sitcom / Action packaged, screenplay completed of the Episode #1 30 Min. Sam Cortana and Joe Graziano, are retired mobsters, and they have the attitude and the talking style, as Italian Mobsters do, with their accent, and they arrogant behaviors, but this time, in the sitcom they turn in a characterization of comedy, falling in a continuative, misunderstanding, and teasing each other about their way to live this new retirees’ life, and cope with boredom, missing the “good times”. Controversial ways to accomplish the mission of boredom killing, almost as senile solutions, always involving the help of girlfriends and friends to entangle them in witty repartees, often tumbling in a waggish humor. Each Episode, is a new turning point






  In development. Fantasy/Sci-fi/ A mission of 4 individuals in order to repair ruptures inside the psychology pattern of the President. A journey heading to discover new worlds of the 8 consciousnesses, where there are also 'particular' inhabitants against each other; the team gets involved in such disputes but still heading to heal the fractures in the patterns of these worlds. A strenuous battle which brings the four to discover the existence of a new consciousness.





TRAPPIST 1 f - Human Renaissaince

  In development. Fantasy/Sci-fi/150 Min. - AD 2367. The planet earth is at the doom, 2 nuclear wars, no drinkable water, rebellions everywhere, the third nuclear war is incumbent, major one. The scientists were working in the prototype of a space-ship, to host humans in the attempt to look for a trip to Proxima Centaury, but a woman who is the scientists' mission supervisor, implements a decision to escape and bring 100 people in a new world. She manages to bring in the team 8 well known skilled individuals for the attempt. But, the trip is to a different star system at 40 years-light: Trappist 1, to planet f. The decision is made. The scope: create a new human world. Trappist 1 f is the hope. Even though the ship is not tested yet there is no choice but to leave. But the things are not exactly how expected. Trappist 1 f is achieved. There is life in there: a greatly advanced human-like society, the challenge is assured.......are they able to return to Earth? They have to calculate the time compression; in the Earth thousands of years are passed.






  In development. Drama/120 Min. Suffering, misery, desperation, can strike anytime without notice. Destiny is implacable and cannot be stopped. Four people, our protagonists, are the direct witnesses fully entangled with an avalanche of events ripping their lives off, even near to access to an annihilation of their own. In the meantime, Daisaku Ikeda who is a philosopher and undertaker of an advanced way of life, striving to bring a path on for an absolute happiness, at this time, in this world and immediately, teaching how to access to change your own destiny, is bringing ahead his endeavours. The fours will be able to enter in contact with such power, but controversial facts appear within their own inside by facing off the true inexorable reality of the universal law related to the dinanmysm of the infinite cycle of birth and death of the universal matter and no-matter. Such path for a change becomes the only solution.


 Marco Taloni is the writer, and we accept associations, co-productions until available.



T.U.L. Toronto Under Lenses

  In development. TV Reality/Episodes of 25 Min. These are stories filmed as performed-documenting. It’s in real time situations, script and no-script. Each episode entangles toward a focus on Toronto life, everyday life, basic to even more complex such as for controversial factors of any type, such as general problems, and discussion of issues related at administration, politic, life. The depiction, is very informal. It’s based on the ‘sense’ of citizens, and from generic points of views. It might be present few scientific analysis, but most of all is based on opinions to compare and discuss. Everything mixed with some fictionalized dramatization.


 Marco Taloni is the creator



T.U.L. Toronto Under Lenses - The Web series

  In production. TV Reality/Episodes of 25 Min. average. Similar to the TV Show version above. YouTube version, HD. It's about stories; stories about me and you, Torontonians, our daily life, local and with eyes in our province, all Canada, and worldwide. Facts and "dis-facts", about issues, ideas, matters that count, about what? EVERYTHING! All that is coming to our attention. Our opinions, and an analysis, but informally, no for lecturing, (maybe a bit), but to discuss about it to highlightining it, from small to big issues, from local in our area to all world focus. You can be a protagonist! It's not just talking, but there will be situations in real time, things happening! Actions! Issues in real time. It's all partially scripted, but we will be in the field in real time improvising.


 Marco Taloni is the creator


AAA Face for Rent

  In development. TV Series/Episodes of 45 Min. He's a talented actor who feels to be like that, but cannot find a job and goes broke, what should he do? He has no choice but to find a job to avoid eviction and eat. He applies in the classified: 'FACE FOR RENT', since cannot find anything suitable. Unexpectedly he gets a call! He rents his face in real life, acting in real situations. Each episode it's an exciting adventure.


 Marco Taloni is the creator



Bill & Plah

  In development. TV Sitcom/Episodes of 30 Min. These days mixed cultures couple are proliferating; but .... how would it be their reality within their home? Might be challenging? Will love survive? Will they understand their own style? Uh! I think many things are happening, perhaps even nasty? That's what will go to discover with our couple, Bill from Italy, and Plah from Thailand. Silly you!!


 Marco Taloni is the creator



A me grated(s)

  In development. TV Sitcom/Episodes of 30 Min. Canada is multicultural country. Amazing! Our bunch of friends immigrants to Canada, living in the same neighborood are challenged to meet everyday, it occurrs they are all from different cultures and parts of the world. The Sitcom resolves itself by highlighting stereotypes and face-offs of these "friends" putting efforts in their striving for survival.


 Marco Taloni is the creator



T.U.L.P. transverse unlimited life paths (Short)

  COMPLETED. A short documentary. Synopsis: People sometimes fall in a vortex of confusions, doubts, hunted by their own darkness. Leaving might be a choice, if done it by a proper way.


 Marco Taloni is the creator


 Intro to Johnny The Mule production by Marco Taloni - Also there is a "story telling video" script-describer, to access by PSW at: Johnny The Mule's site.




 Johnny The Mule's AUDIENCE. Also there is a "story telling video" script-describer, to access by PSW at: Johnny The Mule's site.



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